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What to look for in a candidate profile

When you take a look at a candidate profile, there is a lot of information that you will find, including job preferences, compensation preferences, skills, and work experience. Hired candidate profiles stand apart because of their level of detail, and the way they show a candidate’s preferences for their next job. Here’s how to get the most out of them:

As you scroll down through a profile, you will find the following crucial areas to learn more about the candidate.

Basic Information

The top module of the candidate profile will include basic information. Aside from a profile picture and name, candidates will list their current location and insights into their work authorization status. Next, you’ll see a candidate’s preference around role type (i.e. full-time permanent or contract) and their minimum base salary expectations.

Note: The minimum base salary is based on a candidate’s particular preference and is subject to negotiation in the interview process. We do provide historical compensation data to candidates for reference as they are selecting a number to list based on the markets, roles, and years of experience a candidate may list to promote pay equity. The purpose is to offer transparency to companies as they source and initiate a conversation at the beginning of the process.

Lastly, you’ll find a candidate’s job search status, which communicates where they are at in their job search and their level of intent to find a new jobs. For more information, candidates will provide additional links, including their most recent resume, LinkedIn, GitHub, personal website/portfolio, or blog.

Candidate Wishlist

The candidate wishlist helps candidates communicate what they are looking for in their next opportunity in order of priority, including opportunity qualities, company size, ideal industries, technologies they aspire to work in, and position leveling. This data offers companies insight into the qualitative aspects of what could make the candidate a great match for the opportunity, team, and overall company.

TIP: At the top of the funnel, this data can be leveraged in personalizing the initial interview request to connect why the opportunity would be a great fit for the candidate.


Candidates can list up to ten (10) cities that they would like to work in. We encourage around 5-7 that they would realistically move to if they were to receive an offer from a company in any city listed. Then candidates can order them in order of preference. In addition, candidates can indicate if they are open to remote opportunities.

Skills and Work Experience

Two critical areas on the candidate profile are their Areas of Expertise and Experience. Primary area of expertise will include a candidate’s top five hard, technical skills with additional skills to follow. Candidates will ideally list these skills in order of proficiency to highlight the skills they are most proficient in and have the most experience in first.

Note: This section directly correlates with the skills section when you receive match results for your position or candidate search. y Any skills you list in your position will pull only from this section on the candidate profile. We will highlight when there are skills listed on the candidate profile that match the skills you input as a requirement for the role.

Experience and roles will incorporate the candidate’s total years of experience, roles in order of proficiency, and years of experience in each respective role. This is followed by the details of their work experience.

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