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Reviewing Assessments-Enriched Profiles

Candidates that have passed a Hired Programming Skills Assessment and opt to show their results will have an Assessment-Enriched profile, featuring a badge in both the ‘Recommendations’ list for each project and the candidates’ respective profile. Candidates passing multiple assessments have a special badge which indicates the number of passed assessments. For example, this badge indicates two assessments were passed:

When you’re on a candidate profile with a red badge, you’ll see their ‘Assessment Badges’ section right below their links that includes their total score, programming languages used, and time taken for each assessment. 

Clicking on the assessment name will allow you to additionally review the name of the question, a static view of their solution and the status of test cases passed for each question. For further review, you’re also able to click on the ‘View question and playback’ button for programming questions. 

Profiles include a keystroke-by-keystroke playback recording of the candidate solving the question, so you can ensure a candidate’s skills match what they have said they are.

In the bottom right corner, you can click on the ‘1x’ to change the playback speed while the gear icon will allow you to skip to ‘Highlights’ which is each stopping point the candidate has decided to run their code against test cases.

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