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Interviews Tab

We recently gave our Interviews tab a makeover. It may look very different than you remember. 

Why did we make these changes? 

We are always striving to make the hiring process as smooth and simple as possible, even for those without a recruiting background. After considering significant feedback from our loyal users, we streamlined our Interviews tab to give it a better flow, allowing you more control of the candidates in your Hired pipeline. We’ve also added some handy new features.

New Layout

Stage Folders

Your candidates are now separated into folders that represent each stage of the hiring process. You will recognize most of these stages from the previous design. However, we have added a few new stages as well. The folders for each of the stages of the hiring process are as follows:

  • Contacted - candidates that received an interview request but have not responded yet
  • Introduced - candidates that accepted your request but no interview is scheduled yet
  • Interviewing - candidates with whom you have scheduled one or more interviews
  • Final interview - candidates in the final interview stage
  • Offer - candidates to whom you’ve extended an offer but have not responded yet
  • Hired - candidates who have accepted your offer/you have hired
  • Archived - candidates that are no longer in process (either rejected or declined)

These folders and new stages allow greater organization and easier compartmentalization. Again, your in-process candidates will appear in the folder that corresponds with their stage.

A visual of all folders can be seen here:

Click on the appropriate folder to see candidates in that stage. For example:

New Features

Positions Filter

You can now filter to view candidates being considered for all positions, your positions only, or any of your individual positions. Simply make your selection from the dropdown as follows:

The candidates you will then see in your stage folders will be limited to the selection you made. 

Requester Filter 

For any stage folder, you can now filter to view candidates where the interviews were requested by you, or by anyone. Simply make your selection from the dropdown as follows:

Type Search

You now have the ability to search for candidates throughout your entire pipeline. Regardless of their current stage, surface any candidate you like with the search bar for quick access:

Action Items

We have added new action items that you can take on candidates without needing to open their profile. Click the Action dropdown that corresponds to a candidate’s profile in the pipeline/stage folder (candidate card) and select. The action items you may now choose from are as follows:

  • Move to - making this selection moves candidate to another stage (see image below)
  • Schedule interview - making this selection redirects you to the Schedule Interview page so you to take the appropriate actions and, once scheduled, the candidate will move to the Interviewing folder with the time and date of the interview reflected on their card
  • Mark as unresponsive - making this selection redirects you to the Mark As Unresponsive page and puts a flag on the candidate’s profile
  • Transfer candidate - making this selection allows you to transfer a candidate from one of your positions to another one of your positions or transfer a candidate to a coworker. For an in-depth rundown of this process, visit this Help Center article 
  • Reject candidate - making this selection redirects you to the Reject Candidate page and once submitted moves the candidate to the Archived folder

Bulk Actions

Candidates can now be moved between stages in bulk. Simply open the folder for any stage of the hiring process. Find the Bulk select button at the top and click it:

Tick the boxes for any/all candidates that you’d like to move. Then, click Move to and choose their new stage:

All selected candidates will be moved to the new stage you selected immediately. 

Card Icons

Corresponding with actions taken by yourself, your team, or the candidate, icons will appear on the candidate card without needing to open the candidate’s profile. The icons are as follows:

Unresponsive flag

If you take the “Mark as unresponsive” action, this icon appears in your view and your coworkers’ views, keeping them up to speed on the candidate’s lack of intent:

Notes icon

If either you, a coworker, or your Hired representative leaves a Private Team Note on a candidate, the following icon will display:

Assessments icon

If the candidate has passed one or more technical assessments, you will see the red badge icon. Click to see the individual assessments, their scores, and a playback of their sessions:

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