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Hiring Remote Candidates

The benefits of hiring remote employees are numerous: you can gain access to a larger talent pool which could include candidates even better matched to your needs and you can access more diversity of candidates. Also, candidates are increasingly interested in remote work. In fact, 66% of candidates on Hired are open to remote work. 

Check out this video to see how employers can use Hired to find and hired the best remote talent:

How to get more quality matches by opening up to remote talent

First, if you’re open to remote workers, be sure to always include them in your positions and searches. If you do, you’ll increase the volume of your matches by up to 5X. 

Filtering for Remote

You’ll see the number of matches for your particular criteria at the top of your results. In the search panel to the left, open Remote. You’ll see the number of additional candidates that will be included in your matches if you include candidates who are open to remote work (100% working from home).

NEW Remote Timezone Filtering

We've now included the ability to filter based on the candidate's timezones. This can really help you hone in on candidates who can either work better with your existing distributed team, or give you coverage in timezones that you don't currently operate in (DevOps). 

Seeing Candidate Timezone

On candidate's profiles, you'll now see the Remote section with more clarity on exactly which timezone the candidate is in to help you get a quick check before sending a request. 

What remote candidates see

When you reach out via IVR, be sure to let candidates know that you are reaching out for a remote position, if they are located outside of your market. Candidates will also see this as they view your interview request.

When you do connect with candidates open to remote work, Hired can help create a smooth remote interviewing experience as well. You’ll be able to get a read on candidate skills early on by checking out skills assessments results on candidate profiles. Hired Advanced customers can also do pair programming challenges that can be executed live and online so technical phone screens and on sites can be done fully remotely.

Learn more about each of these features:

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