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Hiring Remote Candidates

Benefits of hiring remote employees are numerous: you can gain access to a larger talent pool, find candidates who better match to your needs, and access more diverse candidates. Additionally, candidates are increasingly interested in remote work. In fact, on Hired's platform, 90% of candidates are open to remote work and 60% of active companies are offering remote roles. 

How to get more quality matches by opening up to remote talent:

First, if you’re open to remote workers, be sure to always include them when you create a position or private search. If you do, you’ll increase the volume of your matches by up to 5X. 

Once your position is created, utilize our remote filters. In the filter panel to the left, open Remote Location.  You can specify up to 8 states or countries candidates can work from, and exclude locations as well. 

You can also select enable working hours, which allows you to filter by timezone and hours of overlap.

Viewing Candidate Remote Preferences

You can see candidate's location preferences when clicking on their profile! This includes their onsite location and remote timezone. The candidate can also specify whether they prefer to be onsite or remote, and how many days they would be willing to come into office. 

Check out Hired's eBook: Are Remote Jobs Here to Stay? for the latest trends surrounding remote work.

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