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Skill Filtering: Must Have vs Nice to Have

Must have all

  • Think of these as your required technical skills

  • Functions as an “AND” Boolean statement

  • Limit this section to 3 Required Skills maximum to increase the number of candidates shown

Must have (at least one)

  • Think of this field as a "skills bucket" with OR functionality

  • Candidates for your project must possess at least one of the skills in the bucket

  • Functions as an “OR” Boolean statement

  • You can create multiple "Must have at least one" skills fields to layer several skills buckets for one project

In the example below, these entries would be equivalent to the Boolean string Java AND (React OR GraphQL) AND (SQL OR MySQL OR Databases)

Nice to have

  • Search will not eliminate candidates without the skills listed

  • Functions as a bonus skill that is a plus for the candidate to have but is ultimately not required

  • List nice to have technical skills along with functional or intangible skills like leadership or management here

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