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Sending an Interview Request

An interview request is the first point of contact between your company and the candidate. Before the interview request, candidates do not have visibility into the companies or open roles on Hired. Our philosophy with a direct interview request is to flip the candidate experience upside down--requesting to speak with a candidate immediately and expedite the scheduling process for a first phone screen.

When you see a candidate of interest, send an Interview Request (similar to an in-mail) to see if they are interested in a conversation, too. To the right-hand side of the candidate’s profile, you will find a request window. You are able to indicate the estimated base salary for your position and if equity is available.You can also choose to add an Interview Process Guide to help candidates feel confident and prepared when they interview with your company. 

The purpose of this is to allow full transparency into compensation from the beginning of the conversation. This number is not set in stone and is up for negotiation throughout the interview process. We recommend reaching out to candidates within your available comp range for the role you are reaching out for. In addition, you can include a note in your personalized interview request message around compensation, if you see fit or would like to provide more details. Once you ‘Send interview request’, you’ll have five minutes to make further edits or ‘Withdraw’ should you change your mind.

The candidate has the ability to accept or reject an interview request. We encourage a 48 hour response time from candidates to do so.

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