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Declined candidates

Can I tell a candidate the reason they declined my interview request is inaccurate?

A candidate may decline for a reason that is incorrect. For example, they may decline your request and selected "Location / Commute" as their reason when your role is in fact remote. 

Yes, you can follow up with the candidate and point out their information is inaccurate.  It's possible they may have missed those details on the initial interview request. 

The candidate disappeared. How can I contact them?

Visit your Interviews tab and find the Status field. Switch your selection from Active to Inactive:

The candidate will then appear under "Rejected or Declined". Click the candidate profile and scroll down to the Conversation section. Send them a message correcting their information and ask if they'd like to reconsider. 

The candidate may or may not get back to you. But rest assured, they will see your message. We send an email notification containing the same message any time you write in the Conversation.

Can't I just respond on the email notification I received?

No. If you respond directly to the email notification you received stating the candidate declined your request, your message will go to the Hired team as opposed to the candidate.

What should I do if the candidate agrees to interview?

Get in touch with your Hired Customer Success Manager or Hired Support. They can reopen the interview process with the candidate for you.

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