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Creating Interview Process Guides

Interview guides are a great way to help candidates feel prepared, confident, and do their best when they interview for your company. Our data shows that candidates who receive a guide are more likely to complete an interview. Interview process guides will be made available to candidates after they accept your interview request.

To be proactive, we encourage companies to create an interview guide that generally lays out the interview process, including the steps, duration, and what a candidate can expect in each step. Upon receiving and accepting your interview request, candidates are able to request an interview guide from you to get prepared. Considering that interview processes look different between different teams, managers, and roles, multiple guides can be created and sent to candidates on Hired. At a minimum, having a general guide for tech candidates to reference is ideal. We provide a sample guide for your reference.

How To:

  1. Under the “Interviews” tab, the next screen will have a section to “Manage Interview Process Guides.” This is where you will create and manage all interview process guides for the company. 

  2. Name the guide, select what role this guide would apply to, and the estimated duration of the interview funnel from first phone screen to final stages. 

  3. Interview Steps: You will list each step of the interview process, including details around time duration, how the candidate will be assessed, and an in-depth description of the interview step (i.e. topics covered, things to prepare, tips for success, etc.). 

  4. Insider Scoop: Candidates always appreciate when there is special information that will help them get a leg up in the interview process. This section we provide for you to give additional insight into the company. For instance, companies have listed everything from dress code for the onsite interview down to why candidates will love working at your company. 

  5. Preview Guide: When you have added your interview process details, you can “Preview Guide” to show what a candidate will see when they receive it.

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