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Total Offer Advantage

Available for Plus and Premium Subscription Plans only

Gain a competitive advantage by showing more comprehensive total compensation to candidates than other companies!

Total Offer Advantage makes your offers top priority to high-demand candidates. Candidates accept interviews based on factors other than the highest salary offered, so make sure you present your total compensation details. Companies on more limited plans will only be able to show salary and equity, so your offer will stand out as more robust as candidates compare offers on their opportunity management console.

To utilize this feature, select 'add additional compensation' beneath the 'Base Salary' section of the interview request 

Total Offer Advantage is all about the candidate experience--it helps companies share their full offers up front. We know from our 2018 Hired Brand Report that not only do candidates rate compensation and benefits #1 for what they consider when applying, but 62% are more likely to engage with a recruiter if they know salary upfront. We also know that most of the time, candidates do not choose a job solely based on salary, so imagine what the impact could be if you state your compensation, benefits, etc. upfront.

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