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User Types and Permissions

There are two seat categories for Users: Premium and Standard. Premium seats allow users to send Interview Requests to candidates while Standard seats do not.

Premium Seats

Admin: Source and view all team activities and manage settings

The Admin seat can be owned by a variety of team members, typically the CEO/CTO or lead Recruiter in startups/SMB or leader of Talent Acquisition, or a power user in midmarket-Enterprise organizations. They are the “quarterback” on the Employer side for Hired.

Manager: Source and view most team activities

The Manager seat typically belongs to a recruiter or hiring manager. This seat is able to create a Project, reach out to candidates, manage candidates in their Projects and invite coworkers with a lower permission setting.

Requester: Source and view limited team activity

The Requester seat is owned by recruiters or anyone delegated with reaching out to candidates and getting them into your interview process. This user is invited to their Projects(s) by the ‘Admin’ or ‘Manager’.

Standard Seats

Executive: View all activity and manage settings

The Executive seat is normally occupied by C-Suite executives, leaders of Talent Acquisition or Engineering, Business Analysts, or Recruiting Operations. This enables you to view all ‘Insights’ on the platform.

Reviewer: Assist with sourcing

The Reviewer seat is owned by Hiring Managers who are more “hands-off” in the recruiting process. This enables them to review candidate profiles and flag ones of interest to a ‘Requester’, ‘Manager’, or ‘Admin’ to reach out accordingly.

Scheduler: Schedule in-progress candidates

The Scheduler seat is owned by anyone typically delegated for scheduling and coordinating interviews for Recruiters and/or Hiring Managers.

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