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Creating a Project

Creating a Project

Projects help us match you with the best candidates for your role. You can set them up in a few easy steps. To start, select 'Create a project' on the left-hand side of your homepage.

Follow the prompts to build out your project, including title, role, salary range, preferred years of experience, location, and more. If you have a compatible ATS, this process can be expedited by linking your ATS role. See: 'Integrating your ATS with Hired'.

Adding Hiring Team (Optional)

If you have colleagues collaborating with you on the role you are creating, you can add them in the last step. Need to add a colleague to Hired? See: 'Adding Coworkers to your Account'. 

You can also indicate if this project is confidential. If turned on, the project can only be viewed by you, your hiring team, and anyone in an admin seat on your company’s Hired account. See: 'User Types and Permissions'.

Once you select 'create project' you will be brought to the project view with your matched candidates. From here, you can begin sourcing and further refine your project with additional filters! 

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