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Creating a Position

How do I create a Position?

Positions help us match you with the best candidates for your qualifications. You can set them up in a few easy steps. Set up Positions for all the headcount you are looking to hire so you can see candidates that match those skills. To start, select 'Create a position' on the left-hand side of your home page.

Follow the prompts to build out your Position by adding your respective qualifications, including title, role, salary range, preferred years of experience, location, and more. If you have a Greenhouse, Lever, Workable or Workday ATS, by integrating with Hired, this process can be expedited by only requiring a few quick updates to set up the Position. See: 'Integrating your ATS with Hired'

Adding Position Location

You can indicate where candidates for the position can work from: fully remote, on-site, and/or hybrid. If you indicate that the position is remote, it will pull candidates who are open to remote positions that match the rest of your position qualifications. You can include and exclude remote candidates based on their current location. 

By selecting on-site or hybrid, you can list up to 8 cities - this will pull candidates who are looking for opportunities in the listed locations. You can limit candidates by radius to your selected cities as well.

Hired and Oyster have partnered to make global hiring simple. With Oyster's all in one, easy-to-use platform, you can hire, pay, and provide benefits to your team across borders while managing HR and payroll and automating compliance across 180+ companies. Explore for free and be sure to ask your Hired rep about special incentives for Hired clients that sign up for Oyster.

Selecting a Role

Next, select the primary role that your position falls under. You may select as many subroles that apply. 

Adding Coworkers (Optional)

If you have other coworkers on Hired who are collaborating with you on the position you are creating, you can add them in the last step. See: 'Adding Coworkers to your Account'. 

You can also indicate if this position is confidential to limit who can view that the position is open on your company’s account. If this filter is turned on, the position can only be viewed by you, your hiring team (anyone collaborating with you on the position), and anyone in a Company Admin (Premium) seat on your company’s Hired account. See: 'User Types and Permissions'.

Once you select 'create position' you will be brought to the position view with the candidate results. From here, you can begin sourcing and further refine your position with additional requirements to narrow in your search! 

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