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Editing your Interview Request

After clicking “Send Interview Request,” you will have five (5) minutes to revise or withdraw your interview request if needed. After sending the interview request, you’ll find on the following screen an area where you can edit the details of your interview request as well as a countdown timer to remind you how long you have.

Editing your interview request will provide the option for you to edit your base salary, other offer details, and personalized message. You may notice you can gather insights on the particular candidate you have reached out to on this screen, including similar candidate recommendations, average base salary range for other requests the candidate received, the locations of these opportunities, and the logos of those companies. This information will be available to you after a candidate receives 4 or more interview requests.

Note: This does not mean the candidate has accepted the requests, just that they received them during this promotion period.

You can leverage this information in refining the original request to keep your request competitive. For example, if the compensation you originally listed is less than the average or range of other requests the candidate has received, you could consider adjusting the compensation in your request and/or highlighting other benefits in your personalized message or with "Total Offer Advantage".

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