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Integrating your ATS with Hired

Integrating your ATS allows you to simplify your interview process tracking and keep your current workflows. We highly recommend that you integrate your ATS before starting candidate outreach on Hired. Set up your ATS by clicking on Integrations in the top right drop-down menu.

How it works: 

  • You will take your API key from your respective ATS tool and input it into the Hired platform under the “Integrations” tab
  • Once set up, you will be able to:
    • Pull in jobs directly from your ATS so you don’t have to recreate them on Hired. They will also be easily recognizable to other team members.
    • Automatically add candidates from Hired to your ATS. When you reach out to candidates and they respond, we automatically push the profile to the right job req in your ATS. This will save you from having to upload individual profiles.
    • Once a job is linked to a Hired project any changes to a candidate's stage in your ATS will also be reflected on Hired

Find out how to connect your ATS:

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