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Show ATS Candidates

What does this feature do?

"Show ATS Candidates" allows you to see which candidates from your search results on Hired already exist in your ATS. Once enabled, you'll see an icon next to any candidate in your search results that already exists in your ATS.

Why was this feature built?

We've heard from many customers that they'd like to know if a candidate exists in their ATS before they send them an interview request on Hired. Many of our employers have to manually check their ATS using the candidate's name before they send them an interview request to see if that candidate already exists. Sending an interview request to a candidate that's already in their ATS can result in the creation of a duplicate profile which creates more work in order to merge the profiles. This feature was built to combat all of these problems, and make life much easier on our employer users.

How does it work?

You can enable this feature from the "Manage your integration" menu on the integrations page. Once enabled, we will begin the process of downloading all candidates in your ATS from the last 5 years. It may take up to a few hours for this download to complete. This process will not store any candidate's Personal Identifiable Information (PII) inside of Hired. Instead, we store an encrypted version of the candidate's email address along with a few other pieces of information (like the URL to their ATS profile page) that allows us to search through the candidates on Hired and see if there is a match. If a match is found, the ATS icon will be displayed and you'll be able to see when the candidate was last updated in your ATS, and a link that will take you to their ATS profile page.

Can I contact candidates who are already in my ATS?

Yes! We highly recommend messaging a candidate through Hired to increase your likelihood for an interview acceptance. Hired will not create a duplicate of this candidate. Instead, all actions will be tied to the candidate's existing ATS profile.

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