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See Hired messages in your ATS

Hired employers who use Greenhouse, Lever, and Workable can now see the messages that they've sent to a candidate from within Hired inside their ATS. See the screenshots below to see exactly where these messages will be shown in each ATS. Any message that is sent to a candidate inside of Hired will now appear in these sections in your ATS.


For users with a premium Greenhouse subscription, the Hired messages will be attached to the candidate's specific job application, and shown under the 'Application Custom Fields' section for that specific application.

For all other Greenhouse subscription tiers, the messages will be linked to the candidate's profile under the 'Additional Details' section. 


In Lever, the messages from Hired will appear in the 'Notes' section of the candidate's profile page.


A new section needs to be added to candidate profiles in Workable in order for this feature to work. Follow the instructions below to add this new section, and then you will begin to see Hired messages inside of Workable.

  1. Access  and create a new section under candidate profile. 
  2. A text box will appear asking for the section title. Input "Hired" and then click on "Create new section".
  3. Now hover the mouse over the newly created section and click the . Fill in the fields as the screenshot below.
  4. Now click the "Add custom field" button and you're done.

Now messages from Hired will appear underneath the contact preferences section of the candidate's Workable profile.

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