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When to leverage LiveChallenge

Adding a live peer-to-peer coding environment to your interview process can provide your hiring team with collaboration and flexibility necessary to be confident in your assessment of technical talent. LiveChallenge improves candidate experience for your live technical phone screens by letting candidates work in an IDE they feel comfortable in.

Leveraging Hired Assessment’s LiveChallenge feature makes interviewing simple for your team and gets them engineering time back.

Replace Your Whiteboarding Sessions or Technical Phone Screens

Run and record your peer-to peer coding sessions with your entire hiring team. Allow your candidates to both show and explain their coding logic with your team. Turn your assessments into real-life team working situations to test candidate fit while coding together in the same environment.

Assess Remote or Offsite Candidates

Allow for your remote candidates to experience an onsite without bringing them onsite. Use the call feature within live challenge to turn your session into a video-call and work face-to-face with your candidates.

Share the Feedback with the Whole Team

Finished sessions have shareable links for team members who cannot attend the session or interview. Collaborate with your team while watching the full keystroke playback about candidate logic, coding, and problem solving.

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