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Grading Candidate Assessments


Challenges are graded automatically by our system. You can review a candidate's results by navigating to the 'Candidates' tab and clicking on the desired candidate's name. 

The below screenshot shows a breakdown by question type- in this assessment there were Multiple Choice and Programming questions. In the Multiple Choice section, you can see the result of each multiple choice question.

In the programming section, the report provides the candidate’s final code as well as the candidate’s entire playback history for each programming question asked. These playbacks can be accessed by clicking on 'View Playback'. This lets you see keystroke-by-keystroke everything that the candidate typed to reach their solution. The report also shows a breakdown of each test case and the result per test case.

Once you have evaluated the candidate’s results, the 'Passed' and 'Failed' buttons at the top of the report can be used to either pass or fail the candidate.


Projects are not accessible in the standard layout of Hired Assessments but are available upon request. If you have interest in utilizing Projects, connect with your Hired rep. 

Project results can be found the same way as a Challenge's- by clicking the candidate's name within the 'Candidates' tab. 

Projects can be graded by selecting 'Download Submission'. This allows you to download the candidate’s work, evaluate it and then mark the candidate as either passed or failed within the platform. You can also fill out a Scorecard!

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