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Building a Challenge

How do I build a challenge?


Hired Assessments' Challenges feature gives your team the power to build their own custom Challenges, in order to vet candidates for the technical skills and knowledge uniquely needed for your company. To create a new Challenge, navigate to the 'Challenges' tab (found in the top menu bar) and select 'New Challenge'.

From there, you can elect to either copy an existing Challenge or Create a Custom Challenge from the 'Creation Method' dropdown. 

Once you have created the new Challenge, you can find it on your challenges overview page. You can create your own questions and/or add questions from our question bank. 

If you select 'Create Question', it will then prompt you to indicate whether it is a programming, free response, or multiple choice question. You can enter your question, and decide on a score and difficulty level for it. Once complete, the newly created question will appear on that Challenge's overview page (see 'How to Create Custom Questions for Challenges' for detailed instructions/tips).    


You can also add questions from our extensive library using the ‘Add Question’ button. The filters and search bar make it easy to find the questions you are looking for. Selecting ‘Add’ will input the questions into your challenge.

You can try any of the programming questions within our question bank before adding one by clicking on the question's name. Exactly like custom questions, once you have added all of your questions to your challenge, they will appear on the Challenge's overview page. You can move around and remove questions here by hoovering over a question.

When all of your questions are set, configure the test by clicking the 'Configure’ tab. This will give you the option to add pass/fail thresholds, set time limits, enable expiration dates, and attach email templates!

You can also choose which languages candidates can use for the Challenge. 

Once the configuration is complete, you are ready to send the challenge to your candidates!

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