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Leveraging Whiteboard During LiveChallenge

Whiteboard is available during LiveChallenges! Your team can also access the Whiteboard playback after a LiveChallenge is finished. 

To start a Whiteboard session, select LiveChallenge at the top of the page.

Then click 'New Session'.

Name the LiveChallenge and click 'Create'. You can then hover over the LiveChallenge name and click 'Visit' on the right-hand side to visit the LiveChallenge.

Enter your name and click 'Begin'.

Configure your LiveChallenge as you wish with the correct coding language and questions. To access the Whiteboard, click 'Whiteboard' in the top right corner.

Add rectangles, circles, arrows, text, and free-hand drawing by using the pencil. To delete anything you have added, you can click ‘Clear All’ or 'Delete Selected' to delete a specific shape. 

You can toggle back to the coding console by clicking 'Coding Console' in the top right corner. Both the employer and candidate can toggle between the coding console and the whiteboard during the LiveChallenge.

When you are done with the LiveChallenge, you click “End Session” in the top right corner.

To review the Whiteboard after the session, visit the LiveChallenge tab again. Scroll down to the 'Closed' section. Hover over the LiveChallenge that you ended and click 'Review Whiteboard'!

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