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Managing Interview Processes

Once you contact a candidate through an interview request, they will populate in the Interviews tab. Whether you have integrated your ATS with Hired or not, this tab allows for you to manage all of your candidate interview processes in one place. From the Interviews tab, you will be able to: 

  • Communicate with candidates

  • Transfer candidates between positions or to coworkers 

  • Schedule interviews and video calls 

  • Move candidates through your pipeline

  • Notify Hired about onsite interviews 

  • Close out candidate process 

  • Notify Hired about offers (required) 

  • ...and more!

TIP: The more we know about your process, the more we can help. At a minimum, we need to know about every offer extended and candidate hired. Our Customer Success team can share updates on candidates’ competing offers, timeline, and decision-making to help you move them through the funnel to offer.

If your ATS is integrated with Hired, any status update you make within your ATS will update on your Hired platform, and vice versa (with the exception of the Hired status). Please note, updates aren’t sent to Hired in real-time, so it may take up to two hours to see the candidate status updated in Hired after you’ve made changes in your ATS.


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