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Reaching Final Stages

Reaching the final stages in your funnel is an exciting time and this stage can move very quickly for both you and the candidate you are in process with. After the completion of the onsite interview, we encourage a 48-hour response time. Also, try to not take longer than seven days to inform a candidate of a final decision from the team to move forward with the next steps or not.

Once a candidate reaches the onsite stage with your company, it is important to notify your Hired Support Team so they can update your account and make sure this status is reflected on Hired. If a candidate passes the onsite interview stage, the final stages can include reference checks, verbal offer, verbal acceptance, final offer extended, and offer negotiation. When you are ready to extend an offer to a candidate in process, typically companies will ask to speak with the candidate to review next steps and revisit the candidate’s preferences and expectations regarding compensation, benefits, and start date, as it aligns with the team’s evaluation of them throughout the interview process.

Understanding what would make a candidate jump at the opportunity you are presenting is crucial to closing them. Leverage information listed on the candidate’s profile, including compensation and wishlist information, and notes throughout the interview process to bridge what they are looking for next and why working with your company will be a great fit. In addition, candidates can also appreciate learning how they have been evaluated and why the team decided to move forward. These are anecdotal and qualitative pieces of feedback that could be the reason a candidate accepts your offer.

As a note, if and when the information is available on the platform, Hired will notify you when a candidate in late stages is approaching the final stages or has received a competitive offer to ensure you can proceed in the final stages with insight.

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