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Setting your video call provider

Employers can now set their preferred video call provider for virtual interviews directly through Hired.

Why did we make this feature? 

Previously, employers had to manually generate a link from their preferred video call provider externally and add it into the calendar invite into Hired. Understandably, an automatic process to save employers time was desired and this feature was built as the solution.

Who can use this feature?

Any employer that has integrated their calendar with Hired can take advantage. 

What does the feature do?

Thanks to this feature, you can now:

  • Set your preferred video call provider within Hired 
  • Automatically generate a video call link for your virtual interview within Hired
  • Automatically include the video call link in the calendar invite Hired sends to both the employer and the candidate to easily access the interview at the scheduled time

Does Hired set a default provider?

Yes. Your default provider is determined by:

  1. If your calendar is already integrated with a video call provider, we will default your selection to that provider. For example, if you use Google Calendar and your Google Calendar is integrated with Zoom, Hired will select Zoom as your default.
  2. If your calendar isn’t integrated with a video call provider, we will use the video call provider that is standard with your email provider. For example, Google Meet for Google Calendars, Teams for Outlook calendars, and so on.
  3. If we can’t determine a default provider through either of the methods above, you’ll be able to authorize and connect with a supported provider of your choice.

Can I change my default provider or add a new provider? 

Yes. You can change/set your default video call provider and/or add a new provider when either scheduling an interview with a candidate or by visiting your Integrations tab at any time.

Will this set the provider for my entire team?

No. Taking these actions will only set the video call provider for you.

Setting when scheduling an interview

From the Actions tab next to the candidate’s profile, select Schedule Interview. On the landing page, select Video Call from the Format dropdown. Under the Video Conference Tool section, video call providers will appear. You will see a provider set as the default. You can leave the default set as is or switch to another connected provider and set it as the new default.

You may also add a new provider if you don’t see your preferred provider already listed. Simply click “Add new” and the following modal will appear with additional selectable options: 

Select your new provider and Save and set as the new default if desired.

Once a video conferencing tool is selected and ‘Schedule interview’ is clicked, the calendar invite will be sent with the video call link attached automatically for easy access. 

Setting from your Integrations tab

Select Integrations from the dropdown menu in the top right corner and scroll down to the Calendars section. There, you will see the section titled Video Conferencing Tools that shows all the tools currently available/connected and which is set as the current default.

You may change your default selection here by ticking the corresponding bubble. Your new selection will then also appear as the default on the Schedule Interview page when scheduling. 

You may also delete a provider from this page by clicking the corresponding trash icon as well as add a new tool by clicking “Add new”. Additional selectable options will appear:

Select your new provider and Save and set as the new default if desired.

Common roadblocks and solutions (Zoom)

If your Zoom account is not authorized to connect to Cronofy, you may see the following error:

To remedy this, simply contact your company’s Zoom admin and request that they give Cronofy permission to connect to your Zoom instance.  

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