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Managing Candidate Expectations

Hired maintains high-quality and highly responsive candidates by creating transparent expectations for both candidates and employers. Help us maintain the integrity of the marketplace by upholding a few simple expectations: 

Keep outreach on the platform: Candidate outreach must be done on the Hired platform. If you are interested in starting a conversation about a Position you are hiring for, you should reach out with an Interview Request. Otherwise, if you have questions on a candidate’s background, work history, experience, etc. please use the anonymous Q&A system on the candidate’s profile to gain additional context. 

Go no more than 48 hours between communications: We ask that our candidates respond to companies within 48 hours and we expect the same of our partners. As things progress and change during interview processes, all we ask is that you remain transparent and timely in your communications to candidates. Not only does this enhance the candidate experience, but it helps you to build a positive employer brand.

Reach out with upfront compensation71% of candidates let us know that a salary range upfront is important to them when seeking new career opportunities. That’s why compensation expectations are embedded into the Hired experience. We ask both candidates and companies to be transparent and realistic about their compensation upfront to increase efficiency and avoid miscommunication as your approach an offer.

Consider following this typical Interview Process: With thousands of clients hiring for technical roles on Hired, we know that not all interview processes are built the same and embedding your unique culture is crucial. That said, we’ve found that for the vast majority of technical roles, a best-in-class interview process is as follows:

  • Phone screen: Typically performed by a recruiter, the purpose of this call is to understand the candidate’s fit for the role as much as it is to sell the candidate on your company. You should also walk away from this conversation knowing the candidate’s compensation expectations as it relates to your open position and the candidate should understand the rest of your interview process. 

  • Technical test: We recommend performing the technical assessment of a candidate after your first screen. This allows you to sell the candidate and get them excited about the opportunity prior to spend time on your assessment. 

  • Hiring manager screen: A chance for the hiring manager to connect with the candidate to dive deeper into the candidate’s skill set and interest in the role and your company, this screen can also be used to review technical test results. The Hiring Manager is the gate-keeper of the onsite interview which is time-intensive for many stakeholders. 

  • Onsite Interview: The onsite is typically the final step in a technical interview process and combines both technical and behavioral interviews. 

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