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Communicating with candidates

Hired is an introductory platform, so the first contact needs to come through Hired in an interview request between company and candidate. If a candidate is already in your database but not in-process nor has recently interviewed, you should be reaching out via Hired. This is how we track your success with our product.

Sending an interview request to a candidate begins a conversation thread in the platform, which can allow you to communicate easily with each candidate in your pipeline. As a best practice, we encourage our customers to respond to or follow up with candidates within 24-48 hours. You can expect responses from most candidates within this time frame as well. You will be able to see a candidate’s average response time badged on their profile.

If your communications are taken outside of the Hired platform at any point in the process (i.e. working through your ATS, coordinating interviews with other team members via personal email, etc.), you still must update the status within the Hired platform and/or inform our Customer Success team.

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