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Passive Candidate Sourcing

What is Passive Candidate Sourcing?

Passive Candidate Sourcing is a new feature that allows you to engage previous Hired candidates that are not actively job searching but are a match for your open position.

Is Passive Candidate Sourcing available to me?

Passive Candidate Sourcing is available to any approved employer on the Hired platform.

How can I access Passive candidates?

Create a new position or visit an existing position. At the very top of the page, you will see a series of tabs. Select the tab labeled Passive candidates:

On the landing page, you will see a brief introduction to how the feature works. If you scroll down further, you will see the option to Join the Beta. Select this button:

Candidates will then appear in the feed of your Passive candidates tab much like they do in the feed of your Recommendations tab. Additionally, all of your existing filters for the position seamlessly carry over, ensuring passive candidates meet all your needs for the position.

When you view a passive candidate’s profile, a Send message box will appear where you traditionally see a Send interview request box:

Craft a message, complete all fields, and click Send message. After you’ve reached out, they will appear in your Interviews tab, but with a “Passive Candidate” badge for easy identification. 

Where do these passive candidates come from?

All passive candidates have previously signed up for Hired, opted into communications from Hired, and been inactive for at least 6 months.

How does Hired know these candidates are likely to respond?

Predictive modeling anticipates when candidates are ready to find a new position. Each candidate’s profile is accompanied with information regarding their likelihood to respond.

Are passive candidate profiles up to date?

Most passive candidate profiles have been enhanced with up to date work experience information, yes.


Can I share feedback on Passive Candidate Sourcing?

We’re eager for feedback! Please share any feedback with your Customer Success Manager.

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