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Limiting algorithmic bias

What is Hired doing to limit algorithmic bias?

We add bias mitigation steps to our machine learning models training process to ensure equal opportunities and exposure for all protected attributes (race, gender, and age). In the candidate search engine, Hired also offers the option to promote candidates from underrepresented demographics.

Does Hired use any type of automated employment decision tools (or AEDTs) to screen candidates on the platform?

Hired uses machine learning to evaluate candidates for demand for their roles before activating them on our platform. We also leverage machine learning to better match them with searches performed by employers on our platform based on the set of skills within their profile.

Are bias audits required by law?

Starting January 2023, any company hiring in New York City will be impacted by the new NYC Bias Audit Legislation, a Local Law which amends the administrative code of the city of New York that requires “automated employment decision tools” to be audited for algorithmic bias. Similar laws across the US are likely to follow.

Does Hired comply with the legislation?

We are a candidate platform and our platform does not involve candidates applying for specific employment positions. Therefore, we don’t believe our tool falls under the recent legislation. Regardless, we took steps starting in 2022 to take our systems through a third party audit to proactively assess and ensure we could comply with such rules.

Does Hired have a third party bias audit performed?

We had a third party bias audit performed by an independent auditing company. We’re happy to report that our systems had favorable results and we will continue to retest our system regularly. We make our findings available to our clients upon request and signing an MNDA.

What types of biases were audited?

Following the emerging standards, the audit evaluated racial, gender, and age biases on Hired.

When was the audit conducted? Will it be renewed? 

The initial audit was completed in August 2022. It is renewed regularly, with our latest audit report conducted in March 2023.


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