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Show Currency Conversion in Search Results

Why did we make this feature?

At Hired, we strive to make the hiring process more equitable and inclusive by helping employers understand each candidate's compensation. As more companies continue to hire talent from all over the world, it can be confusion and time consuming to keep track of currency conversion. And, as candidates continue broadening their search across more countries, they'll be able to set their currency preferences as well. This means that candidates may not always prefer to represent their compensation in the same currency as the country they live in or where they are looking to work. 

To help support our employer's preferences, we've launched a new feature that allows a candidate's compensation currency to be shown in the same currency as the compensation search filter preference in the search results.

How does it work?

Instead of manually converting a candidate's salary to see if they're in a good range, Hired automatically converts the candidate's minimum base salary and on target earnings (if applicable) to appropriately filter candidate results. Now, we have added the option to convert the currency shown on the candidate profile card to match the filter compensation currency. You can enable this feature in the top right of your search screen by clicking the toggle named "Show currency conversions".

This eliminates the guesswork and makes all of the candidate profile cards show up in the same currency, making it easier to compare candidates in your search results. Once activated, any candidates' compensation that is a currency different from the search filter will automatically be converted and denoted with an icon to the right of the compensation value of the profile card.

In this sample below, the filter is set to show base salaries up to $211K USD for positions in France. The candidate's card to the right shows their salary requirement of €130,000.

Enabling the currency conversion feature will now change this candidate's salary requirement to match the USD currency and now shows $132,000.

Remember, once you click on the candidate's profile and see their details, you will see their desired minimum compensation in their preferred currency. (Be mindful of this when sending interview requests!)

Want to see a different currency?

Simply change the currency in the compensation filter while the "Show currency conversions" is enabled and the currency will automatically update on the profile cards to match that currency.

Selecting CAD (Canadian Dollar) now updates the currency and reflects C$172,000 for the candidate.

How can I access this feature?

You already have access to this feature in your search. Simply turn it on to start using it.

Why am I seeing multiple currency types?

Each candidate's expected minimum compensation is listed in their preferred currency. Hired's compensation filter accounts for any currency conversions to ensure results still fall within your desired range.

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