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Candidate Ghosting

As an active marketplace, Hired continuously works to ensure the talent pool available includes only active candidates. This new feature allows your team the ability to mark a candidate as 'unresponsive'*. This deters candidates from being unresponsive to interview requests and follow-up messages, as it puts them at risk for deactivation.

To mark a candidate as unresponsive: Navigate to the 'Interviews' tab. Then, to the right of the unresponsive candidate's profile, click 'Actions'. From the dropdown, select 'Mark as Unrepsonsive'. You will then be prompted to select a reason for marking the candidate unresponsive (i.e. waiting for the candidate to respond to next steps, waiting for the candidate to complete a coding assessment, etc) and provide any additional context. 

Once a candidate has been flagged, it will trigger a series of heightened follow-ups coming directly from Hired, in order to help the process move forward. After 10 days, if the candidate is still unresponsive on the platform, their interview process will be automatically closed out. 

*We ask that you use your best judgment when deciding to mark a candidate as unresponsive. Please remember that while candidates are actively looking for a new role, they may be juggling current job responsibilities, as well as other outside factors.  

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