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Sales Hiring

What is Sales Hiring?

Tech growth and the Great Resignation have accelerated the demand for qualified sales candidates. With thousands of professionals changing jobs each year, we're excited to expand Sales hiring capabilities on our platform! 

With our new Sales solution, you can source your entire sales team while saving up to 4x the amount of recruiting time. Lean on our technical hiring expertise to both build and monetize with your tech and sales teams.

Best Practices for Creating A New Sales Role

Click the "Create a position" option from the menu on the left side of the page.

On the landing page, link the position you are creating to an ATS job if integrated. If you do, the position title will auto-populate based on the title of the ATS job you selected. If you are not integrated with an ATS, opt only to create a position title and click Next.

Select Sales as the role. Then, select specializations (no limit on number) and click Next. 

Add the location(s) for your position. You may select up remote and/or In Office locations.

Be sure to add coworkers to the hiring team for your new position. If the position is confidential, toggle the switch. Finally, select "Create position" to start sourcing sales talent.

You may also refine your position at any time by making use of the created position's filters.

New and Enhanced Features

You can now easily search for Sales talent whose background, experiences, career preferences, and more specifically match the position you're seeking to fill. These help you narrow down the list of candidates and show those who are most qualified. 

Search by roles

Select from a list of seven sales roles. You may also select multiple if they apply to your position. These particular roles are only visible once you create a Sales specific position.

Search by sales experience

New and improved search capabilities for sales candidates include average size deal, customer segment, sales cycle, products sold, sold to audience, must have and nice-to-have skills.

Average deal size is the average amount of money a client spends on your product or service.


Customer segment is typically based on employee or revenue size. 

Sales cycle is the average time it typically took for the sales person to close a deal. 

Sold to reflects the typical level of the buyer the salesperson engaged with to close a deal. 

Products sold (max 5 per candidate) includes more detailed products or services candidates can highlight selling in their past experience. 

We now require Sales Candidates to provide these details for their most relevant role and encourage them to include for all other past sales positions. These details will appear on candidate profiles like this:

Search by skills

You can search based on skills candidates have added to their profiles. Like with roles, these particular skills are only visible once you create a Sales specific position. These skills include SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise, SaaS, Account Strategy, Business Development, Full-Cycle Sales, Prospective, Value Based Selling, and more.

Must have and nice-to-have skills highlight relevant sales competencies to better align with your team's hiring needs.

Search by work preferences 

Like with all other position types, you can expand your filters to include remote jobseekers to increase your pipeline 10x. Additionally, you can target your outreach with profile details and filters for work location preferences, time zone, and remote work status.

Search for underrepresented talent

In an effort to help you build more equitable and diverse teams, and as part of your DEI hiring strategy, you can also source your sales team using the Diversity Goals filter.

Now, jobseekers who self-report their demographic information, match your search criteria and qualify as underrepresented (as defined by the EEOC) will be featured at the top of your list once you have enabled the Diversity Goals feature.

  • Over 80% of jobseekers have provided first-party demographic data
  • Over 30% of Hired's sales jobseekers are underrepresented 

Search for career path

Hire sales leaders as well as individual contributors to best align to jobseeker career goals.

What Open Sales Roles Can Hired Help Me Fill?

Hired offers a variety of sales subroles. At present, we can help you source Sales candidates with the following specialties - Account Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Development Rep, Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, Sales Operations, and Business Development.

Where Do Sales Jobseekers Come From?

We bring sales candidates to the Hired marketplace through a variety of methods:

  • Because candidates love the experience they have with Hired, most of our candidates come as referrals. Additionally, we have a referral program that uses a cash reward to incentivize candidates to refer their friends to the Hired platform. We started in 2012 and have seen 3M+ candidates come through in this manner.
  • Our marketing team does a really good job building a candidate community through thought leadership webinars, in-person events, newsletters, and advertising campaigns.

Additionally, in order to supply our marketplace with millions of highly qualified tech candidates, we make use of a large variety of channels, both paid and unpaid, including (but not limited to):

  • Google Search and Display
  • Facebook + Instagram newsfeed and stories
  • YouTube video ads and content
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Software Engineering and Tech Industry Newsletters + Sponsorship
  • Podcasts 
  • Partnership with a variety of Tech Trade Schools, Online Academies, In-Person Boot Camps, Universities, etc
  • Co-Marketing with large, household name customers to use their name and ours to drive interest
  • SEO and organic online ranking
  • Job board online sites
  • PR, Blogs, and other content
  • In-person events, including sponsoring large national conferences and small intimate meet-ups

Which Markets Are Available for Sourcing Sales Teams?

Hired has a presence in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. Our cities include Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Dublin, and London. In addition to these locations, Hired sees a large number of highly qualified sales candidates in other cities and countries who are open to remote work.

What Additional Resources Are Available to Help Me Source and Build My Sales Team?

To ensure your business consistently hits its hiring targets & scales predictably, we have resources available to help enhance your entire recruitment strategy to attract top sales talent.

Sales Impact Academy - We've partnered with the world's leading go-to-marketing learning platform to offer our clients a partner-exclusive opportunity to put their first Hired sales placement through SIA, free of charge. Sign up here.

Criteria - We've partnered with one of the leading providers of pre-employment assessments for sales talent. Criteria is offering a partner-exclusive opportunity for a 21 day free trial and 10% off any subsequent purchases. Click here for a 21 day free trial.

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