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Global Talent

Why global talent?

The changing office landscape has accelerated the demand for qualified remote candidates. With the Great Resignation highlighting the appeal of remote work, 60% of active companies are now offering remote roles. As more companies expand their teams geographically, Hired is excited to grow to include high-quality remote talent on a global scale in addition to the onsite talent we already provide in our currently offered locations.

How do I access this feature?

You can access global talent when you initially create your position. Or, if you created a position previously, you can open up your results to include global talent by editing the position's filters.


When creating a new position on Hired, you will be asked about the location for the role. If you want to access global talent, you can select the Remote option in this section:

Selecting Remote only will indicate an exclusively remote role. You can also include or exclude remote candidates based on their current location to better target the global talent you want.

Or, if you have office space in a particular city and want to consider global talent for that area, select Onsite or Hybrid. You can list up to 8 cities for a single role and limit candidates based on their proximity to those cities with the radius slider:

If a position was already created previously and you want to open up your search to include global talent for the role, you may do so by expanding and editing the position's filters. When the filters are open, simply tick the box that reads "Include remote candidates".


Can I limit the global talent I source by location?

Yes. While you can search for remote candidates worldwide, you can also narrow your results down if you are limited in terms of the areas from which you are willing to consider global talent.

You can filter global talent by country, state, or region. If you plan to target specific countries or states, you can add up to 8. You can also exclude up to 8 locations. If you want to target broad regions, you can list time zones instead by checking off "enable working hours":

What if my company is not set up to hire globally?

To ensure your business consistently hits its hiring targets and scales predictably, we have resources available to help you engage, upskill, and support remote tech talent on every step of their career journey. 

  • Global HR Solutions Partners - Paired with our new Global HR Solutions Partners Oyster and Remote, Hired is helping companies take advantage of global talent pools by managing international payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance so you don't have to. Hiring and onboarding candidates from anywhere in the world has never been easier.
  • Global Remote content
    • Your Guide to Find & Hire Talent Around the World (written with Oyster) found here.
    • State of Software Engineers for UK and Cross-border Trends: salary data, most in demand skills and roles for UK and key European countries available here.
    • Remote Work eBook: Our latest eBook provides employers with a clear understanding of what's changed recently and what to expect in the future of remote. Get a copy of the eBook here.
    • Hired CTO Dave Walters speaks to best practices for scaling a global tech team in Information Week.

Is global talent vetted?

Yes. Like the rest of our candidates, global talent must be invited to participate on the Hired platform. To qualify, candidates must have relevant full-time experience exceeding 2 years in their desired role, skills applicable to the position they are looking for, and a resume and/or LinkedIn to corroborate their experience. Additionally, candidates must be actively looking for a new role.

How is Hired matching global talent to my search?

To address your company's immediate need for global talent, Hired fully vets and onboards new candidates to our platform weekly. This gives your company the opportunity to access and assess a much broader range of jobseekers across regions, skills, and experience from the get-go.

As a leading brand for top tech professionals, we optimize talent and market insights through our solid reputation with global jobseekers. In addition, our partnerships with key distributed HR platforms like Oyster and Remote offer significant savings on hiring remote talent, compared to typical global recruitment providers.

Hired's business model also allows us to drive more equitable hiring processes, provide resources to jobseekers that help them maximize their worth, and allows us to be agnostic to the compensation package with our unlimited hiring option.

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