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How to set your filters on Hired Match

It's important to configure your position correctly so that you get "good fit" recommendations for your top candidates and "poor fit" recommendations for candidates who you are likely to pass on, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your best applicants. Below are some tips for how to get the most out of your position filters.

Here's an example of a configured position and scorecard for a "Good Fit" candidate.

Position settings

Currently, Hired Match only supports Software Engineering. We'll be expanding into more roles in the future.
Please select as many specializations for your role as are appropriate. We will calculate an applicant's years of experience based on your selected specializations.
Must have skills
We have revamped this filter to allow you to use Boolean operators. The skills within each row are related to each other by the selected properties:

You can configure complicated filter parameters such as:
(React OR Vue OR Angular) AND Java AND Python

Hired Match will search the applicant's resume for these skills as well as common variants (e.g. "React", "ReactJS", "React.js", etc).
Nice to have skills
Unlike Must have skills, this is not a hard filter. Any skills you add to this box will not affect the "good/poor fit" of the applicant. The scorecard will simply highlight if a candidate has that skill or not.
Years of experience
This will give a good fit score to applicants who are in the range of years of experience that you specify. As mentioned above, we only include years of experience for the specializations that you select.
If your company can only hire candidates from specific countries, this filter will only give good fit scores to candidates who live in your included countries. Simply select the countries that you want to include.

Note: We pull the applicant's location from their resume. Occasionally,  applicants omit their current location from their resume, in which case we display a "Not found" result in the scorecard.

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