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How to manage Hired Match emails

What is the purpose of the email?

The "Daily Fit" email, when activated for your positions, will send you a digest of all of the applicants who applied the previous day (or weekend), and received a "Good fit" score for that respective position. We hope this feature will help you close on top candidates faster!

Email screenshot

How do I turn the email on or off?

There are 2 methods to manage your email preferences for Hired Match. One is in extension options, and the other is on the position settings screen.

Method #1: From extension options

  1. Right click on the Hired Match Chrome extension and select “Options”.

  1. Turn the emails on or off for each position you have activated.

Method #2: From position settings

  1. When you have a position page open in Greenhouse, click the extension icon to open position settings.

  1. Uncheck the email checkbox on the bottom of the screen.

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