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Getting started with Hired Match

Hired Match is a browser extension for recruiters that automatically matches new applicants against your job requirements. With Hired Match, you’ll:

  • Save time screening applicants

  • Find your best applicants faster (so you can deliver an amazing candidate experience)

How it works

For each job, simply set your job requirements in the extension:

And that’s it! Hired Match will automatically parse new applicants’ resumes and display a scorecard within your ATS:

Installing Hired Match

  1. Download the Chrome extension from the Google store. 

  1. Click the puzzle icon on the top right of your browser window.

  2. Click the pin icon next to Hired Match if you want it to remain in your navigation bar. 

  1. Click the extension icon and click “Authenticate with Hired” to log in with your Hired account.

Setting up a job

Configure your job requirements to match what you’re looking for on each job in your ATS. Hired Match will use these requirements to score new applicants and highlight the Good/Poor fits for you.

  1. Log into Greenhouse and navigate to one of your open Software Engineer jobs.

  1. Click the extension icon and activate your job to set up your job requirements. 


  • Only “Software Engineering” roles are currently supported

  1. Navigate to an applicant for that job and view the scorecard on the right.


  • Just activated a job and not seeing any scorecards? It can take up to 1-2 minutes to process all of the applicants currently waiting for review when the job is first activated.

Have questions? We’re happy to help! Reach out to with any issues or questions.

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