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Building custom questions for LiveChallenge

A huge benefit of the Hired Assessments LiveChallenge feature is the ability to create custom questions, so you can give a candidate a sense of the types of challenges they might work on at your company. This guide will walk through creating those questions and the situations in which to use them.

At the top of the LiveChallenge tab, you will see ‘Sessions’ and ‘Questions’ tabs. From the ‘Questions’ tab you will be able to edit and create custom questions to load into your Live sessions.

From ‘Questions’ you can create a new question using the ‘+ Create Question’ option in the top right. 

When creating a custom LiveChallenge question, you will be able to build out a problem statement and starter code for your candidate to work on. You also get to choose the language you would like the question to be completed in.

Once you have created your custom question, you can load in the question during your Live Challenge sessions by selecting the ‘Questions’ button in your session.

You will be able to see all of your custom created questions in the list that populates there.

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