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Building a Custom Challenge

Hired Assessments' Challenges feature gives teams the power to build their own custom challenges to vet their candidates for the technical skills and knowledge uniquely needed for their company. Building custom challenges can be done by creating your own questions (link) and/or adding questions from our question bank.

Once you have created your custom questions, you can then select the questions you would like to add to your challenge using the ‘Add Question’ button. You can use the filters/search bar to easily find the questions you are looking for. Selecting ‘Add’ will input the questions into your challenge.

You can try any of the programming questions within our question bank before adding one to your challenge by using the ‘Try’ button in the top right corner of the selected question.

Once you have added all of your questions to your challenge, they will appear in the challenge overview page. You can move and remove questions here.

When all of your questions are set in your challenge, you can then configure the test. Entering the ‘Configure’ tab will give you the option to add pass/fail thresholds, set time limits, enable expiration dates, and attach email templates.

You can also choose which languages you would like to allow your candidates access to during their challenge. You can also enable/disable languages for specific questions.

Once configuration is complete, you are ready to send the challenge to your candidates!

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