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When will candidates show up in my ATS?

Once you are ATS-integrated, candidates will automatically be added to your ATS shortly after they accept your interview request. If the candidate does not accept your interview request, the candidate will not be sent to your ATS. 

You want to make sure that the position in Hired is connected with the corresponding position in your ATS. Candidates from Hired will be added as a candidate associated with a job if the candidate is sent an interview request for a position that is connected to the respective position in your ATS. If not, candidates will be added into your ATS as “Prospects not associated with a job” if the candidate is sent an interview request that is not linked to the position in your ATS.

If you start processes before you are integrated and want to add candidates after that point, use the "Add to ATS" button that appears on your Interviews tab, after you click on the candidate.

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