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General Best Practices

  1. Add ALL your team's projects by adding all projects you will be sourcing for, we can start the process of finding the right talent for you. 

  2. Consistent Usage: we recommend logging into the platform daily as candidates are being added to the platform every day. You can sort candidates by "New To Hired" to see candidates that have been added most recently first. 

  3. Utilize our in-app scheduling tool: in the interviews tab, you can leverage the 'schedule interview' feature to schedule the first recruiter screen. This way we can know the process has kicked off, and to eliminate the back-and-forth of asking for availability with candidates.

  4. Provide regular candidate updates: Please tell your Hired Support Team about all offers, hires, and your overall pipeline so they can provide candidate insights/updates. Your Hired Support Team can share updates on the candidates' competing offers, timeline, and decision-making to help you move them through the funnel to offer efficiently and effectively. 

  5. First contact needs to be made through Hired: We are an introductory platform, so the first contact needs to come through Hired. If a candidate is already in your database but not in play nor has recently interviewed, you should be reaching out via Hired. This is how we track your team's success.

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