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What can I expect from Customer Success and my Strategic Account Manager?

Added service for companies on an Essential or Advanced Subscription Plan only

Help with Employer Branding

80% of Hired candidates accept interviews based on factors other than the highest salary offered, so take the time to promote what makes your company unique. Technical talent is motivated by solving hard problems and working with great people. Highlight the problems you need their help solving, either strategic or technological. Other variables that prompt candidates to interview with a specific company include industry, location, vision, team, culture, and milestones achieved. That’s why you should partner with your Account Manager to build out your Company Profile page and ensure candidates are gaining the greatest perspective of what a “day in the life” really looks like. They will track your introduction rate to stay above the market average and include the most up-to-date press releases.  

Hiring Insights and Recommendations

Hungry for details on local hiring trends, or data about your own activity on Hired? Look to your Account Manager for custom reports that will help you better understand the hiring landscape for your industry and location, and ideas for more efficient sourcing based on your history on the platform

Check-in Calls 

You can sync up with our Customer Success team or Account Manager on a regular basis to overview all of the active candidates you are in touch with and gain a stronger understanding of where they are in their overall search. This ensures no one falls through the cracks and allows your team to have detailed information heading into an offer/negotiation discussion with your favorite candidates.  

Quarterly Business Reviews 

Your Account Manager will provide a deep-dive analysis of your team’s performance four times per year. We’ll overview activity by team members, identify opportunities to increase efficiency and provide a cost/benefit analysis for your subscription plan.

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