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Workable integration

Integrate Workable with Hired to seamlessly connect with your existing workflow. Some of the immediate benefits:

  • We will be able to automatically create positions from your ATS to match more candidates effectively

  • Candidates will automatically be pushed into your ATS upon them accepting your interview request 


You must be a Super Admin to enable this integration. This integration is available for all plans of Workable. See Workable’s Help Center for detailed instructions.

  1. Go to Workable’s Integrations page

  2. Find Hired in the list of sourcing integrations and click on it

  1. Click Generate Token and copy the string to your clipboard

  2. Go to the Hired Integrations page, click Add API Key, paste in your key, and hit "Save"

  3. After turning on the integration, you can import a job posting from Workable

  1. Job postings use the title of the Workable job posting as the Hired position name. 

  2. When you run a search for a position in Hired that’s also connected to Workable, any candidate you request an interview with will automatically be added as a candidate profile to the Sourced stage of the job in your Workable pipeline. The profile will include the candidate’s resume and skills automatically – no need for data entry.

  3. If the candidate accepts your company’s interview request, the Hired “Introduction” email you receive will include a link to the candidate’s profile in Workable, where you can schedule the interview, leave comments for your hiring team, or communicate with the candidate directly.


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