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Greenhouse integration

Hired uses the Greenhouse Harvest API, allowing Hired to more seamlessly connect with your existing workflow. Some of the immediate benefits:

  • Instead of requiring each user in Hired to integrate with Greenhouse, we’ll ask for one user to integrate

  • We will be able to automatically create positions from your ATS to match more candidates effectively

  • Candidates will automatically be pushed into your ATS upon them accepting your interview request 


First, collect the Greenhouse Harvest API key (ask your Greenhouse administrator if you cannot find) and paste it here. Just follow the directions below:

  1. Go to the Greenhouse credentials page to create an API key. See Greenhouse’s Help Center for detailed instructions. Note: you (or your Site Administrator) will need developer permissions for “Can manager ALL organization’s API credentials”

  1. Click “Create New API Key”

  1. Enter the description, “Hired - Greenhouse” and choose type “Harvest”

  1. On the "Manage API Key Permissions" page, ensure the following list of permissions are checked. Those permissions are necessary to have the full integration experience with Greenhouse. Note: we only store candidates and job data that is relevant to Hired

  1. Click “Update” to save the key

  2. Find the key that you just created ("Hired - Greenhouse") and click "Copy" to put it in your clipboard.

  1. Go to the Hired Integrations page, paste in your key, and hit "Save".

  1. After turning on the integration, you can import a job posting from Greenhouse to create a Position on Hired. Job postings use the title of the Greenhouse job posting as the Hired position name. This connection is called out with an “ATS” badge when viewing the Hired position that is connected to the Greenhouse job posting.

  1. When the candidate responds with interest in your interview request for a Hired position, then Hired will send the candidate directly into your Greenhouse account and the candidate will be automatically associated with the Greenhouse job posting that’s linked to the Hired position

  1. If you haven’t linked your Hired Position to a specific Greenhouse job posting, then Hired will simply send the candidate to Greenhouse without an association to a specific Greenhouse job posting.

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