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Analyze your team’s performance

Available on Hired Advanced Subscription Plans only

Your ‘Insights’ tab can be found on the left-hand side anytime you’re logged in. Make sure to toggle the main dropdown in the center to ‘Team Insights’. Similar to all other sub-tabs, you’re able to toggle various preset and custom time ranges.

Here you can analyze the usage of all Premium users on your team’s account and compare up to 3 users on a variety of metrics that include sourcing time, interview requests accepted, interview requests sent, interview acceptance rate (%) and average candidate response time.

Below you can view the usage of all Standard users on your team’s account and similarly compare up to 3 users. The metrics for comparing are sourcing time, number of candidates shortlisted or noted, number of collaborate interview requests (candidates were shortlisted or had private team notes on their profile) and collaborate interview acceptance rate (%).

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