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Monitoring your company’s usage

To access your ‘Insights’ tab, log in and this can be found on the left-hand side navigation bar. 

Make sure you’re toggled to ‘Company Insights’, though this should be the default. On all pages, you’ll be given the total number of hires to date and the number of hires from last year. You can toggle various preset or custom time ranges from the dropdown.

The first section will cover the number of interview requests the company has sent, the number of interview requests that have been accepted, and will auto-calculate your interview acceptance rate (%). As an FYI - interview requests that have not been answered by candidates yet will default as a “no” until it is accepted. If there are many that are pending, do keep in mind that you may see a quick increase in the coming days!

Next, you’ll have a Positions report which will break down per Position the number of interview requests sent and accepted, the accepted rate (%), the number of ‘collaborate’ interview requests sent (this means the candidate was shortlisted first or had private team notes on their profile), and the salary range of what’s been offered in the interview requests. You can also toggle in any ‘closed’ Positions.

At the bottom, you’ll be given donut pie charts of "Candidate rejected reasons" where you can also toggle per Position. 

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