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Candidate Rejection Reasons

Under your Insights tab (see 'Leveraging Your ‘Insights’), you will be able to review your company’s Candidate Rejection Reasons Report. You can view these reasons after the interview request was extended and after the candidate accepted the interview request for all positions to get a high-level overview or for individual positions to drill into specifics.

Upon rejecting the interview request or interview process, candidates typically provide a reason before doing so. The different rejection reasons you may see are as follows:

  • Candidate was not interested

  • Not interested in the company

  • Not interested in the industry

  • Not interested in the location

  • Found job or no longer looking

  • Insufficient compensation

  • Tech stack is not a fit

  • Job skills, responsibility, role, hours

  • Company size or stage

  • Interested but bad timing

  • Culture, team, organization

  • Not enough information

  • Already met or in process with company

  • Company unresponsive

At the interview request stage, companies can leverage this insight to adjust their approach when reaching out to candidates regarding their positions. For instance, if candidates do not seem as interested in the opportunity or a certain aspect of it, recruiters have the opportunity to revise their interview request message to highlight what exciting things are happening at their company or further personalize the message so the candidate can connect with the opportunity from the initial outreach.

In addition, some companies have found success looking at the rejection reasons by Position and following up on rejection reasons with candidates. This can be a tactful way of getting more introductions with candidates, especially if the recruiter sees a potential fit and the candidate’s background is a good match. Turning rejection reasons around has helped increase some of our partner companies’ interview acceptance rates on Hired.

Post-introduction, some additional rejection reasons become available to encompass additional reasons that could come up once a candidate enters the interview process. Ones that you may find include:

  • Low rating for interview

  • Didn’t pass the interview

  • Visa concerns

  • Rejected in ATS (Greenhouse, Lever, or Workable)

  • Candidate didn’t hear back

Note: If a process has not been updated by you or the Hired team in 35+ days, the process will automatically be rejected.


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