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Rejecting a Candidate

If it is determined that you will not be moving forward with a candidate in your funnel, there are a few ways to manage this. Regardless of the reason, it is important to reject the candidate and close out the process in Hired to keep everyone on the same page.

1. You and anyone on the hiring team can manually update the candidate processes under the Interviews tab. Similar to the process of scheduling the next interview, the drop-down options next to each candidate also provide an option to 'Reject'.

2. You can also manually reject a candidate within the process communication thread in the platform. To do so, click on the candidate's name within the Interviews tab. On the left-hand side, under 'Next Steps', select 'Reject'.

3. If you are working in your ATS and update candidate processes through there, as long as it is integrated with Hired, the rejection will close out the process in Hired, as well. See: 'Integrating your ATS with Hired'

Note: Closing out the candidate process does not notify the candidate, the process will just disappear from their interviews, so sending a message before closing is a best practice. This includes if you reject via your ATS.

Once you have rejected a candidate, you can still find the communication thread in the Interviews tab. To do so, click on the status dropdown menu and select 'Status: Inactive'. Candidates will be separated by 'Rejected/Declined' or 'Hired'


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