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Customizing Your Interview Request

An interview request is the first opportunity for you to promote your company and the opportunity you are sourcing for. Here are a few tips on how to give yourself a competitive edge from the start:

1) Include Base Salary and Equity: List a base salary with any equity options available in your interview request. This is a starting point that can be negotiated later in the interview process, but you want to be competitive with your offer since top candidates may receive multiple requests.

2) Personalize Your Messaging: Upon reviewing a candidate’s profile, we encourage recruiters to include personal comments when reaching out. Personalized messages perform 25% better.

3) Complete your Employer Profile: Upon receiving your interview request, candidates will also see your company profile page, so you want to make sure you highlight the perks and benefits of working for your company. Visit our guide on Customizing Your Employer Profile on how to set up a good company profile.

TIP: Since candidates are being promoted for a limited period of time and many profiles are taken offline everyday, it’s highly encouraged to reach out with an Interview Request the moment you think there’s potential.

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