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Candidate Skills Badging

We now offer candidates the optional opportunity to showcase their top skills by taking Hired Programming Assessments. We currently offer 9 different assessments: Programming Skills, Full Stack, Backend, Frontend, iOS, Android , Debugging, Dev Ops Generalist, Dev Ops AWS.

The Hired Programming Skills Assessment allows candidates to add their coding expertise to their profile. This is a candidate’s chance to show employers that, along with their experience, they are proficient in particular programming languages.

Candidates that have passed a Hired programming assessment and opt to show their results will have an Assessment-Enriched profile, featuring a red ‘Assessments’ badge: 

Badges will also be updated to show if multiple assessments were passed. For example, this badge indicates two assessments were passed:

You can see this beside candidates’ names in the recommendations list as well as on their profile. 

Once you click on an badged candidate's profile, you will be able to see which Programming Skills Assessment(s) they took, along with their score, and the time it took the candidate to complete. For further analysis, you can click on the name of the assessment to watch the assessment playback. See: Reviewing Assessments-Enriched Profiles

Hired’s goal is to give candidates the opportunity to prove their skills and provide employers with insight before initial outreach.

These assessments are not meant as a replacement for an employer’s technical interview process. Companies spend a lot of time and effort building out those processes because they can fully vet candidates for skill, experience, and culture fit. What the Programming Skills Assessments on Hired offers to employers is a glimpse into a candidate’s coding abilities before outreach. This allows hiring teams to collaborate and have increased confidence when they reach out to candidates on the Hired platform.

If you would like to get a feel for the Hired Assessments programming environment, please try our Practice Challenge.

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