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Refining your Position

If the candidate results are not quite right to what you are looking for or you would like to narrow in your search even further, you can refine your position. 

We recommend casting a wider net then adjusting your search if needed. If you are thinking about refining your position after it is created, the process is as easy and seamless as the creation process. You can refine in a left-side panel as your candidate results appear to the right, which will update in live-time as you edit the position. When you are viewing a position, all the filters used to create the position initially will be present to the left of the candidate results list view. By clicking on the arrow (>) button next to each filter, the option to edit will dropdown.

Adding Skills: Must Have vs. Nice to Have

Must have skills 

  • Think of these as your Required “Technical” Skills (stay away from functional or intangible skills/terms like leadership or management)

  • Functions as an “AND” boolean statement

  • Limit this section to 1 or 2 Required Skills maximum to increase the number of candidates shown

Optional skills

  • Search will yield candidates with any combination of the skills listed

  • Functions as an “OR” boolean statement

  • Place to list nice to have technical skills along with functional or intangible skills like leadership or management

TIP: The search query is NOT  keyword searching the entire candidate profile. It’s only searching the skill tags selected by the candidate under the sections of Primary Areas of Expertise & Additional Skills

Years of Experience

Upon creating a position, the years of experience filter will default to show all levels to cast a wide net. You may update the range for the overall years of experience you need for the given position.


You are able to indicate up to three cities within a position and adjust the mile radius from the city center of each. By doing this, you will surface candidates who are local to each city, within the mile radius, and are willing to work in the city or cities you indicate.

In addition, if you are able to support remote workers and/or relocation for the role, selecting one or both may cast a wider net of candidate matches. You can see how many candidates match your qualifications for each respective filter. By selecting "Remote," candidates who prefer to be primarily remote will surface, regardless of their current location. By selection "Relocation," the results will display candidates not currently located in the city your position is located but they are willing to relocate to that city for the right position.


TIP: If you allow for remote-option, you may select "Remote" in addition to the city the position is located in to increase the candidate matches. Be sure to inform candidates of your company's remote-option policy to make sure there is a match in remote preferences.


More Filters

In addition to the initial filters, the position feature allows for you to keyword search, which will keyword search candidates’ entire profiles. This is distinctly different from the above filters as they relate to the correlating section on a candidate’s profile. Keyword searching will work with the filters to canvas the entire profile, as well. Traditional boolean search rules apply.

Lastly, we provide a few other filters in the “More” section which allows you to view “New candidates only” or “Assessed candidates” with an assessments badge, for instance. Based on the filters and/or search criteria listed, we also include the number of candidates that will appear in the results if you decide to apply the filters.

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