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Shortlisting Candidates

Utilize our ‘Shortlist’ feature to bookmark candidates you think could be a good fit! This is a great way to collaborate with team members as well. If you are in a standard seat, you can shortlist candidates you would like your team members in premium seats to reach out to (see: 'User Types and Permissions'). 

Within a project, you can Shortlist a candidate from the ‘Source’ tab or after clicking on the candidate profile itself. You can shortlist the candidate to any project you have joined

After shortlisting a candidate, they will be removed from your ‘Recommendations’ list and moved over to the next tab titled ‘Shortlist’ on the right. 

When shortlisting a candidate in a private search (instead of a project), simply select the project you’d like to shortlist a candidate to from the dropdown options. The candidate will then be found on that respective project's ‘Shortlist’ tab.

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