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Leveraging your ‘Insights’

Leveraging data and insight on you and your team’s hiring can help you adjust and improve your outreach and see even more success. Your ‘Insights’ tab can be found on the left-hand side anytime you’re logged in. Your access to different sub-tabs will depend on the “Roles & Permissions” settings you’re assigned and your Subscription plan. Time ranges are adjustable as well.

Company Insights

The data and visualizations provided here will reflect your company’s usage, interview acceptance rate (%), Positions, and candidate rejection reasons (at and after interview request). 

My Insights

Keep track of your personal progress by toggling for ‘My Insights’ by clicking on the dropdown when you’re on your ‘Insights’ tab. You’ll be provided similar data and visualizations to the above.

Team Insights 

These insights are available on the Advanced Subscription Plan only. Here you can view the usage of all users on your team’s account and compare up to 3 users on a variety of metrics that include sourcing time, interview requests accepted, interview requests sent, interview acceptance rate (%) and average candidate response time.

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