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Adding Coworkers to your Account

You can add coworkers to your Hired Account by selecting 'Coworkers' from the drop-down menu in the top-right of your screen

Then, enter the coworker's name, email, and role type. Hired has multiple user types that will allow each member of your team to collaborate in the hiring process with ease. You can also add the coworker to your hiring teams provided those projects are not confidential.

Roles and Permissions

There are two seat categories for users, Premium and Standard. Premium seats allow users to send interview requests to candidates, Standard seats do not. 

Premium Seats

  • Admin: Source and view all team activity and manage settings

  • Manager: Source and view most team activity 

  • Requester: Source and view limited team activity

Standard Seats

  • Executive: View all activities and manage settings

  • Reviewer: Assist with sourcing

  • Scheduler: Schedule in-progress candidates

For more information on user types, check out User Types and Permissions

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